Springboard Mistakenly Purchased on Wrong App

I just purchased Springboard moments ago on the wrong app. I understand that Springboard generally is not transferable, but I did not realize that Springboard is only for the app selected at the time of purchase. I’d like to ask that this Springboard purchase be moved from my app 6678DF06-5625-266F-FF51-F8ABC9DDCA00 to my app E2607BD9-0BB3-FFFF-FF25-59EBB7A31100. Thanks.

May I suggest also that the Springboard product purchase confirmation message state clearly that Springboard applies only to the app selected at the time of purchase?

Hi @Howard_Jacobson

The purchase of Springboard has been transferred from the app 6678DF06-5625-266F-FF51-F8ABC9DDCA00 to the app E2607BD9-0BB3-FFFF-FF25-59EBB7A31100.

Regarding your suggestion, we do not see the need to make any additional changes, as it is logical that when you open the store in a specific app, you intend to make a purchase specifically for that app.


Thank you. Sorry for being illogical.

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