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Springboard plan locked

I completed missions that unlock Springboard plan but the plan is still locked as a billing option.

I was using one application while going through missions and then I removed it and created new app that I’m gonna try for development. I suppose that might be the cause of the issue.

Is it possible to activate Springboard plan for the application that I currently use?
Application ID: B2537D1A-F791-4B9E-B984-955E930117EF

Hi Sergey,

Our system shows that the Springboard plan was assigned to another app with ID:


I do not see that app in the system though. Was there a popup saying that the app you’re deleting is on the Springboard plan?


Hi Mark!
I can’t recall such popup, though it might be that I didn’t pay attention.

I cleared the setting in our system. Please refresh the Console in your browser and navigate to the Missions screen. Let me know if Springboard gets assigned to the current app.

Yes, now Springboard plan is available.
Thanks a lot!