Springboard plan no longer active?

I had a Springboard plan (thanks to Mission Achievements) but now all the platform says is “Trial Ended” and it deleted the app linked to the Springboard plan. What can I do?

You can see I did achieve the level to unlock Springboard here: https://backendless.com/community/giorgiobarillà/ since the developer page comes after that plan if i remember correctly.

Hi @Giorgio_Barilla !

To clarify situation. Application on Springboard was deleted automatically by system, right?

In case if you want to apply Springboard to another app, you can do it via “Missins” section. Just go that section and select mission in which you got Springboard. In modal window you will be able to choose new app for Springboard.

Regards, Andriy

No I can’t, video here: Bubbles - Collaborate In-Context it’s not available anymore

Hi, @Giorgio_Barilla

Opportunity to choose a new app for the Springboard plan should be available for you now. Could you please, check it and confirm. If you have only one app in your account, it will be automatically activated there. If two and more, you can apply the Springboard to this one or other app,via the “Missins” section.


Hi @Marina.Rudenko

I had to apply it to my application in the US cluster (I wanted one in the EU cluster) but at least it’s working - yes.

If it becomes an important app for me I guess I can request to migrate to the EU cluster for a fee?


@Giorgio_Barilla Yes, absolute right. You can do this at any time, and it will coast additional fee to cover engineer’s time. The process takes about 3-4 hours. Application ID and API keys won’t change, however the api endpoint will change from api.backendless.com to eu-api.backendless.com.

Regards, Marina

Hi @Giorgio_Barilla,

may I ask why you failed to apply the plan for the EU application?


Hi @stanislaw.grin

The system deleted my app and I couldn’t create a new app since my trial ended.