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Springboard plan not available after missions done

I have done all the missions to get the springboard plan but I don’t can select them after trial period expands.
Can you help me to get this plan active please?


Hi. Please, provide application id.
And could you clarify, was there a message to choose the app when you’ve completed the missions.

App ID 71F5EB6A-8C4F-CCF3-FF37-39BAE6789F00

Trial Period Ended in title bar.

I cannot choose “Springboard Plan”. There says I must buy for $50.

Hi Daniel,

Our records indicate that you activated the Springboard plan for the app with ID:


I checked that app and it is indeed on the Springboard plan. As a result of executing Missions, you get activate Springboard only for one app.


Hello Mark,

is it possible to export a container data from extended trial to the actual id with springboard plan?
I need the container from Application ID 71F5EB6A-8C4F-CCF3-FF37-39BAE6789F00 in following ID

Or is it possible to change the springboard plan to the other ID?

Thanks that would be very helpful.

I got it. I zipped the container and upload it to the right ID.
Thanks problem solved!