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Springboard to Cloud 9 Plan (suggestions for newbies)

I just recently switched from my Springboard account to a Cloud 9 account.
Here are a few things that you should be aware of. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

You’ll notice every time you create a new app, it is automatically set up as a trial Cloud 99 app, with a 30 day expiration date. I setup quite a few. For example:



At the end of the trial, you will NOT be charged the $99 unless you have first entered a credit card.

Be aware that each app is considered an independent account. Thus, if you have two production accounts, you will need two Cloud 9 accounts, each $25 a month. (Springboard development accounts are restricted to only 3 concurrent users.)

Also, keep in mind that the Springboard account status is not transferable to another app. BUT you can purcahse as many permanent Springboard App accounts as you want for $50 each. (Not bad, considering they never expire.)

One potential problem. If you spend a few months building your app on a Springboard account, then switch to a Cloud 9 ($25/mo) production account, you will loose that permanent Springboard development status. To avoid this:

1- Export your production ready Springboard app and all it’s data.
2- Import that into a new Cloud 99 trial account.
3- Enter a credit card for that new Cloud 99 trial account.
4- Finally, switch the trial Cloud 99 to a Cloud 9 production account.

Note: I have not done this yet, though in theory, it should work. Also, be aware only Springboard and Cloud accounts can Export.

Just sharing what I recently learned. If I’m wrong about any of this, do let me know. I and others do what to be clear on these different account types.

There are several inaccuracies I would like to address:

The description below is not correct. If a developer earned Springboard through Missions or purchased the Springboard shortcut from the Marketplace, the Springboard plan stays with you. You can switch back to it anytime, granted that you will lose the SuperScaling option which is required for any app undergoing multiuser testing or in production.

The export functionality is not available for the apps on the Springboard plan.


Yes, the Springboard app, once switched to Cloud 9, CAN then be switched back to a Springboard app again. But… it’s probably pretty rare that a production app, will want to move back into development.

I don’t mean to be picky here. Just trying to help others get through what was confusing to me. Still… WOW.! The whole Codeless Frontend UI Builder IDE is nearly flawless AND only two months old!! Major feathers in your cap!! @mark-piller

Solution: Here’s what I’m doing. Now that I know Backendless is going to be my production platform, I’m doing my development on a Cloud 9 account. And using my Springboard account to save all my experimental pages, which would otherwise expire in a trial app. Really. $25 a month is a bargain!