Springboard unlock error

Hello, i have reached the point in my missions that says i have unlocked the springboard plan. I got a youtube video when returning to the mission page with a congrats but nothing else when i go into my billing menu it says i have not unlocked it yet.

Hello and welcome to our community!

I checked your application and I see that the Springboard plan is available in your app:

You can change the billing plan to Springboard by clicking the Preview and Switch button.


Hi, and thanks for the great learning experience.

I have reached end off all the missions and would also like to activate my free Springboard plan for my app (ID: 50015824-729D-BC99-FF92-6F6EFDE30800). I just deleted my “training app” and was planning to activated Springboard for serious project but there is no way I can selected / activate the plan?

I already tried to reset my newly created app but cant make it to work.

Help would be most welcome

Hi Jari,

Our records indicate that the Springboard plan was assigned to the app with the following application ID:


The app name was MyTodos. The app appears to be deleted on November 29th. When you were deleting the app, Backendless Console displayed the following popup:

Do you remember seeing it?


Hello Mark.

I am in the same situation.

I created 2 applications, 1st = “helo_word” and 2nd = “esn4point0”

I got the Springboard plan with my first app, but I didn’t activate it on this last one.

After that I deleted the first app so that I could activate the Springboard plan on my second app. the problem I lost the Springboard plan.

Can you help me to recover my Springboard plan with my second app?

Thank you

@mohammed_atailia this was handled in another topic. Please try not to duplicate your posts.


Hi @mark-piller

Thanks for your help. Springboard was successfully activated for my target app.

Sorry for the duplication!


Hi Mark!
Should have been more careful, my Bad :slightly_smiling_face:
Just getting back to Backendless… There seems to be some new missions locked, any change to tackle them yet?

What’s stopping you?

Bummer, I have three achievements left to unlock. There is no other missions after “Cloud Coder”, right? How can I gain more experience points, I’m Level 4 at the moment.

There are no additional missions at the moment. We’re planning to add more so you can continue your learning adventure.


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