Hi Nikita,

i had a App with Springboard plan to learn and play around on my dev account (appbieger). We purchased a Cloud 9 for the real App on our Company Account (jocono) and like to have a dev playground. As fare as I understand, that’s the idea behind the springboard plan right?

I thought that if I delete my App with the Springboard plan, I can reassign the Springboard to a new app but I did not find a way to do that. Can you help me with this issue or is there a way to undelete my app with the springboard plan?


Hello, @Stephan_Tomforde.

I’ll check with the team what we can do.

Best Regards, Nikita.

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The Springboard plan is not transferrable. If you need it on another app, you would need to purchase it there.


Hi Mark,

I already got Springboard plan on a Projekt which I deleted a few days ago (now I understand that this was the mistake), because I could not transfer the Springboard plan to clean new Projekt.
Is it possible to recover the deleted Projekt?


Hi @Stephan_Tomforde ,

We usually do not recover Stringboard from deleted application.
Could you please provide ID of deleted application and ID of application to which you want to assign Springboard?
ID of deleted application you can find in one of your invoices for that app.

Regards, Andriy