SQL wildcards query

I am trying to do a query with wildcards looking for patterns like

LIKE ‘[ABC][-:][0-9][0-9]%’


LIKE ‘##-####-###-#-__

nothing works except % and _

how can I use wildcards or regex in codeless or consol queries?

The LIKE operator supports the following wildcards:

  • % - Represents zero or more characters
  • _ - Represents a single character

This is per the SQL syntax: SQL Wildcard Characters


except for every database in the wild have a variety of regex wildcards even the most basic SQL DB. I asked before what kind of DB Backendless use for this kind of things. Backendless must have support for this for sure since there is no DB that don’t have all the other wildcards.

I am not aware of any sql database that would support regex with the LIKE operator.