SSL failures on API requests

Several users of our application are reporting that the API calls to are failing with SSL protocol failures. This appears to be happening frequently for some users, and not at all for others. The static content of the app is loading without issue for all users.

Hi @Jacob_Goldberg,

Thank you for reaching out and reporting this issue. To help us investigate the possible problem, we need some additional information:

  1. Could you please provide the AppID of your application?
  2. If possible, could you share the error logs related to the SSL protocol failures?
  3. It would be helpful to have the IP addresses of the users experiencing these issues.
  4. Any additional context or steps to reproduce the problem would be very useful.

This information will allow us to better understand the issue and work towards a solution.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Hi @Jacob_Goldberg,

You can also test using curl. Below are specific example commands:

curl -v --insecure

curl --trace -

The App ID is FXBK
The failure says “net:ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” in the Chrome browser console
I don’t have the IP addresses, but this appears to be happening whenever they are attempting to load data from our app using the API. The app was built in TypeScript if that helps at all.

Hello, @Jacob_Goldberg.

Thank you, but can you provide more additional information about steps to reproduce this issue please?
Also can you check case that was described by @Viktor_Kalenyk above?

Regards, Nikita.