Stacked view, conditional visibility

I’m looking to build a UI of stacked views but couldn’t find relevant functions / layouts. Curious if anyone has tried this?

I’m looking to build conditional visibility for some of the elements on my UI, but couldn’t find how to. Curious if anyone has tried this?

Thank you!

Hi @EJ,

Can you describe the question in more detail so that we can help you?

You need to use a visibility logic handler for your component.


Thank you Bohdan. For my first question: I’m hoping to have elements stacked on top of each other on one screen, for example, X on top of Y on top of Z, aka the stacked views

Do we talk about something like this?

If so, unfortunately, we haven’t ready-to-go solutions.

Thank you Dima. yes that’s what I’m referring to

Would this be a feature coming soon or at some point?

Or is there an alternative hack per se in backendless?

What I’m trying to do: if the entire image is the entire screen, I’m trying to show X covering the orange box if user chooses X, show Y covering the orange box if user chooses Y, and show Z covering the orange box if user chooses Z. I assumed I’d have to stack XYZ in orange box in order to build something like this. If that’s not the case and there’s a hackable way, it’d be great.

Thank you backendless community!

Hi @EJ

I assume you can try two approaches:

  1. using styles (the Theme section in the UI-Builder) use the z-index CSS property to change the order of these blocks. On clicking on an Item you need to use custom code to change z-index for all elements in the list

  2. use order in the dynamic list items, on click you modify ordering in the dynamic list

another option is to create a custom component and using a library/component from NPM