Standalone Failover?

How to design a Standalone Setup so that it can failover?

Do I have to manage availablility of the primary endpoint myself + have at least 2 primary hosts who share data etc. or is this already managed within Standalone and I only need to build a cluster that managed itself?

You would need to build it yourself. There are different ways to do it. For example, you could have multiple identical instances of Backendless. One of them would be primary where the master database is. There would need to be a load balancer which handles traffic distribution. We’re in the process of preparing a guide describing the scenarios. There is also going to be an update in the Standalone Backendless distribution with some changes in the Flight Control application, which is central to cluster operation and Standalone licensing.


How would I have multiple identical instances with the same database?

I only know how to build those systems on Windows Server. (Hyper-V failover cluster with San storage on a raid that holds the actual database, the nodes share this DB)

Using database synchronization (master-master or master-slave), you can make sure that databases are identical.

Hi Mark -

Is there any document that can help us to make a Backendless cluster on cloud - with high availability, DB replication and storage connectivity ?

We are feeling clueless on this - we intend to set it up on Amazon.



This is the only document we (in partnership with Bitnami) make available:

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