Standalone installation: Replication and backup of file storage ??

Hi -

Can you please suggest how to achieve both replication and backup/restore of ‘file storage’ - in a standalone installation ?

Does backendless provide any mechanism - or do we have access to all the uploaded files through Linux filessytem - so as we can take manual backup ourselves ?

Also, in standalone installation - can we configure the ‘file storage’ location to a separate ‘storage array’ rather than local server disk ???



To be more specific - can I configure a particular directory in the local filesystem - as root directory for storage of uploaded files ?? Asking, as I intend to use AWS S3 for file storage, instead of EBS.

I think I have answered this before - Standalone Backendless support is available only if you purchase a support plan.


Hi Mark -

Thanks understood, but I am only asking - if it is possible or not?

We are just trying to foresee any incompatability between our requirements of production architecture - and what backendless supports. We are still in early development, and final production is ~3 months away :slight_smile:

So, its very simple question - is it possible to have root folder of backendless file storage set to a particular directory in local filesystem ? (we will mount an AWS S3 bucket on this particular folder).



Yes, it would possible to set the root folder of backendless file storage to a directory in local file system.