Standalone version of Backendless not saving user created tables

Hi, I have recently installed Standalone Backendless to be used with an iOS app. It has been working normally as I am testing out user registration. From my own logs I can see that when I save a user to the User table it is successful, my problem, however, is when I try to view this new user on the console. When I refresh the console to see the new user there is no new data added at all.

I restarted all the services to see if that would make a difference and it did. The user I had added appeared in the table. Not only this but I get the same problem when trying to make a new table! It doesn’t show until I restart all the services.

Please if anybody has an idea of the issue could you please help. Been struggling for ages!

Thanks and have a good day!

I would also like to add that the Redis service will stop soon after it starts running. Thought I might add this incase this helps with a solution.

Hi Donovan,

Can you please attach all the logs?

Hi Sergey, thanks for your fast reply. Do you want logs from my xCode project or from the Backendless console itself. I can see it is connecting to my standalone server and saving the users perfectly. It is definitely saving the data but then when I got to my http://localhost:8080/#login to view the data it won’t show on the console. When I restart all services and then sign back onto the console it shows the data. I’m wondering if there is an issue between the console and where the data is stored?

Thanks again.

PS. The online version of backendless seems to show the new data as soon as refresh is pressed. This is not the case for the standalone and this is my issue…

I mean the logs from <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs

No problem have now fixed the issue. I was using Internet Explorer and it must cache the console page. I have now changed to google chrome and am receiving the right result. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for noting that IE may cause such problem, we’ll consider that in the future!