Starting mission?

Task: Create a directory in Backendless Console

I’m feeling real dumb, but I am not seeing how I actually start the mission. I have watched the video for “Create a file directory in Backendless Console” but the only option I have up top is Mission. Backend and frontend don’t show up as options so I can’t do what is shown in the video.

Hi Katy,

All the icons/sections from the Backend and Frontend are now in one place - a vertical icon bar on the left of Backendless Console. To start the task switch to the Files section and repeat all the same steps shown in the video.



To navigate quickly from the Missions page to your app, you can click on the Backendless logo at the top of the page.


Also, next to this logo on the right is the App drop-down menu that lists all of your apps. You can navigate to any of your apps by clicking on the app’s name in the menu.

It will appear as:

App: MyApp - whatever the name of your currently selected app is.

But unless you are frequently switching between multiple apps, clicking the logo is the fastest way. It takes you back to your current one.

I hope this helps.