Static IP for External Business Logic

So I got approval to use in external business logic but generated api keys are locked to IP addresses. Is there an static IP I could set up or a list of IPs that I could generate a key for. It needs to be an IP address and not a hostname.

It didn’t come up in the search on this site but google got me the info you only have dynamic. Looking into backendless standalone now.

Goto this link (DigitalOcean Referral Program):

You’ll get 10$ balance for free!
Makes it 15 days to run your Standalone server for free. (After that it’s 20$/month)

I can highly recommend it because you don’t have any limits within standalone. (If it’s a single server environment)

Depending on your configuration you could make it up to a few hundred request’s per second for 20$/month. Please compare it to Firebase e.g.

And, of course!, you’ll have your static ip etc…

By the way, if you go to you can install a backendless standalone with just one click on a digitalocean/aws/azure/etc… cloud server.


Since our environment is very dynamic, servers come and go, we cannot provide a static IP address. Standalone (or Managed) would work much better in that case.