Status Code 500 (Internal Server Error)

Application ID: DEC6B808-645B-7B62-FF97-8D7C3B617700

Status Code 500 (Internal Server Error)

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Hi Mark,

I was attempting to start testing a page of my application. I had the page selected under the “User Interface” tab. I immediately clicked the “Logic” tab and then received the Error 500. No event processing routines were selected manually because the system went to Error 500 occurred immediately.

Page Name: client_billing_data


Richard G. Munger


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Hi @Richard_Munger

Is the following topic of the same issue?

Is this issue still relevant? I just open your app=>container=>page=>logic and do not see any issue.

I have no idea of its relevancy. The system popped up a 500 error twice within a short timeframe on the same page I was testing. I am in the page now with no issues. I was not into any actual logic at the point of the error occurrence. I had just clicked on the logic tab and the error occurred.