StreamConnectionError - Objective C (iOS)

I am getting the following error while creating stream connection between 2 devices, everything was working fine but now this error is occurring even i tested it in the previous code((backup) which was working fine) and now the same error is appearing in that code as well. Any help will be appreciated, thanks. My AppId = “A206A19F-2A2B-C014-FF03-5DA913D98E00”

[rtmp @ 0x1c587ce0] Unknown connect error (unsupported authentication method?)

[rtmp @ 0x1c587ce0] Server error: Connection failed: Application rejected connection.

2016-04-29 20:01:02.342 App[6273:2685466] <IMediaStreamerDelegate> streamConnectFailed: -833925547 = Unknown error occurred

Please try our VideoService sample and let we know how it goes

Don’t know what was the problem but somehow clean build the project worked for me.

Do you talk about our VideoService sample? I just checked it, and it works fine for me.

I didn’t check your sample project, i was talking about my own project

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