Stripe integration setup


I am trying to integrate Stripe using the instructions, but I bump into an error:

POST 400 (Bad Request)
Error: Could not find payment information
at new ResponseError (backendless.js:3225)
at checkStatus (backendless.js:3417)

Could you guys help me work it out? I use this manual ( )

I noticed I couldn’t find the ‘activate’ button, and neither StripeEvents table was created automatically, nor the entries were created (after I made the table manually) - this is with dynamic schema definition enabled. Maybe could be an issue here?

Here is the code I use
let { token } = await this.props.stripe.createToken({ name: "MyToken" });
const chargeData = {
      token: token,
      amount: 100

    Backendless.CustomServices.invoke("Stripe", "charge", chargeData)
      .then(function(result) {
        console.log("stripe success", result);
      .catch(function(error) {
        console.error("stripe backendless error: ", error);

I am sending card number, exp. date, CVC and zip code, so I assume it should be enough?


EDIT: I am currently on Cloud99 trial plan. Could it be an issue that I added a card just now?

Oh yeah, a silly mistake. There has to be that is sent rather than full token object through the invoke() method. Problem solved, carry on :wink: