Stripe integration

Where can I find a tutorials on using the logic of Stripe snipets?

Thank you.

If you are using our Stripe integration plugin, the documentation is available here:


Thank you, Mark.
I have already integrated the plugin and it shows in my logic window.
I am looking to documentation on using the plugin and creating my checkout pages from Backendless to Stripe.

Thank you!

The plugin provides only the backend functionality, such as processing a charge and handling a webhook call. If your UI is codeless, the API service provided by the plugin is available as a Codeless block:

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Mark? Please reply asap.


Hi Hristo,

UI Builder lets you incorporate any React component into an app built with it. As you can see here we’ve been adding a bunch of various components.

While a ready-to-go component can be used by a no-coder, creating one does require knowledge of programming.

As for a step-by-step tutorial on building a shopping cart, unfortunately, we do not have a such tutorial. Building an app with a shopping cart would involve implementing the following tasks:

  1. Structuring your database to store products, product categories and with products, you’d need SKUs, availability information, and possibly support for discounts and coupons.
  2. Implement the actual shopping cart, this includes separate storage (possibly persistent) where individual users can add items for an order.
  3. Implement the concept of an order. Typically it is a separate table that ties together users and products with additional information such as delivery terms, etc.
  4. Implement integration with a payment processor. This can be Stripe, Square, Paypal, Braintree, etc. Payment processing can get complex as things may go wrong (for instance their credit card may get declined). This must be handled in the app.
  5. Implement delivery mechanism. When the transaction goes through, the app must deliver the goods. Whatever the mechanism is - either electronic or physical goods, they must be delivered. As a result, there must be logic for that.

As you can see things could get complex. If you have never done it before, it may be rather challenging. The nocode approach does not necessarily make it simple, it still requires you to know how to structure data, how to break down complex tasks into simpler ones, and how to organize the data flow.


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Thank you, Mark!
Will keep that in mind while me and my team keep developing our knowledge of the platform.

Best Regrads,

Hi Mark,

Is there a way we can hire a tutor by the hour to go over some things that we need to do - like complete Stripe functionality, video player with the ability to record the viewer and upload the video file to a certain data base, etc.? Since there is no step-by-step tutorial, I am guessing you must have some tutoring/assistance on your behalf that is affordable and flexible for your clients?..


Hi Hristo,

Integration of the Stripe plugin as well as information about the APIs it provides is documented at:

As for assistance with custom development, we offer it through out consulting services arm: