Stripe Plugin(Authentication Error) Issue After Installation

Hi Team,
I have installed the stripe plugin by following the stripe doc [Stripe Integration Plugin | Backendless]. Few apis were generated to charge stripe and to create token for the card like.
But for each API I am getting an issue that I am not providing secret key and in authorization header. I correctly installed the plugin and provided secret key also so then I checked in the Database that the StripeEvents table also not generated even I had enabled Dynamic Schema Definition.

Please help on this ASAP.


please provide your app ID so I could take a look into it. Thanks.


Hi The App Id is ( 5DA64846-E3FA-C63E-FF1B-E265995AA700 )

I don’t see you have configured it:

Did you enabled Dynamic Schema Definition before you installed product?

Could you try to delete it and install once again?
Let me know about results please.


Okay I fill the info there and Authorization token error solved, can I create StripeEvents table manually or need to do plugin unistall or install process?

Yes, you can. The schema should be like this:



Okay will do and let you know if face anything more. Thanks for help.

Thank you so much @stanislaw.grin . It was very helpful.

Its my mistake may be. But I followed the installation doc and there was not mentioned that we need to add it in Service Configration.
But the configuration mentioned during the installation time that I did.

May be its missed in the documentation to add it in Service Configration.