Stuck in Missions (impossible?)

Missions are great, and a fun way of learning. But there’s some outdated material between what’s shown in videos and the current state of the platform. This has so far not been a problem, but now I’m stuck at the “Cloud Coder” level, and it’s indeed a bit cloudy because the mission map doesn’t recognize that the level requirements have been fulfilled. The code works, the parameters match the examples 1:1, the results are fine, but the Mission is stuck :cry:

Can someone on the Backendless-Team pull me out? - Thanks

Hi @Maurice,

Welcome to the community!

You’ve almost done it, there’s not much left to do. Please let us know your appId and the API Service logic you have? Make sure all names are exactly the same as in the mission description.


Hi Marina

thanks for getting back on this; I’ve played around with all the details I could think of to match your example solution, but seem to be missing something.

App ID: 1C7DE592-7A26-0428-FFD0-62CB08F39400
API Service logic as per the Screenshot:

Hello @Maurice

The logic for registering the successful completion of the mission requires the model’s name “CityService”.
The name of the model is assigned at themoment of creation of the service and model name is equal to service name.
It looks like you originally created a service called “citiesAPI” and then renamed it to “CityService”.
It is easiest for you to recreate the service.


Hello Viktor

thanks for your reply. I’ve deleted and rebuilt the service, and the “Cloud Coder” stage is now marked as completed. But it’s still a dead-end – no new levels are shown. What am I missing?

Hello @Maurice,

you have finished all available missions in the Starter Pack with Codeless. Those two locked badges you see are from missions available only in Starter Pack with Code.