Stuck Mission

Hello all

This mission is stuck. I have finished the missions after this. I’d appreciate it if you can mark this as complete so that I can move on.


Hello @Ramon_Reyes1

Welcome to the community and thank you for trying Backendless!

What kind of issue with the mission do you have?
The system can count it as completed only if you follow described steps strictly

Regards, Vlad

Hi – Well as described in the first report, the issue is that it is STUCK! No matter how many times I do it, and I know how to do it because it is simple enough, the mission does not get marked as completed.

I’d appreciate it if you can simply FORCE complete so that I can move on.

Thanks in advance

@Ramon_Reyes1 could you tell me your app id, and if all requirements of the task are completed I will force accept it for you?

The app ID is 6AA654B4-9187-7C57-FF1C-BA197867D500

Hello @Ramon_Reyes1,

As I see, this mission is already marked completed in your app.
If you have any more questions please let us know and we’ll try to help you.