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Stuck on mission. Bigger qtn: Possible to start on the free plan and not on the trial paid plan?

Task: Delete Object With API

I’m stuck on this mission as a non-coder. I’ve been trying different ways to pass the past few missions. Which really takes up a lot of time as a non-coder.

Why am I trying all these missions? It’s basically just to get the free plan to start with. instead of a trial of the paid plan.

Documents from backendless yourself and are great stuff to get us started and I would like to get started building as a non-coder.

It’s not possible for me to go on a paid plan when I’m doing this on the side without any traffic.

I was considering between Xano, Firebase and Backendless. I embarked on Backendless bcos everyone was saying Mark is really dedicated. Don’t get me wrong, the instructions are great, but for a non-coder, I would like to move faster.

Is there any way to use the free plan without going through the missions? Bcos I don’t want to proceed building with trial of paid plan and a few days later, I need to start paying to continue.

If not, is there any way to get through the missions faster as a non-coder?

Cos all I’m doing for hours is trying different ways on Appgyver for it to send a signal back to Backendless. It’s really non efficient and defeats the idea of moving fast bcos of low-code, no-code.

This is the first low-code, no-code backend I’ve tried. My friend urged me to change to Xano, but I told her no as of now. I want to succeed using Backendless as my backend.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello @Troy_Lee

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

To get a Springboard Plan without completing missions, you can use the purchase of the Springboard Plan Shortcut, which currently costs $50 - a one-time payment.
You can read in more detail - How To Unlock The Free Springboard Plan

If you have any questions in the passage of missions, or you have other questions, please ask, and we will try to help you.

Hi @Vladimir_Yalovy,

Ok thanks for that. For the deleting of an entry using API from Appgyver, what should I include in the relative path?

Attached is what I’ve included. The objectId for that particular entry, but there’s an error.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I know zilch about coding.

HI Troy,

Thank you for evaluating Backendless. I’l start by saying that we see a lot of interest in Backendless from the nocode community and are working on a set of missions designed specifically for nocoders. It will be published soon.

When you work with Backendless with Appgyver (or any other external tool), one of the best resources would be the REST API documentation, since the means of integration is the REST API. Specifically, for your question about deleting an object from the database, please see the following page in the documentation:

As you can see, objectId is a part of the request URL:<application-id>/<REST-api-key>/data/<table-name>/<object-id> 

Hope this helps.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for that. I’ll spend more time on the documentation. Thanks for your reply.
Just by showing me the doc, I saw something and removed the brackets instead of /{objectId}, it became /objectId