Stuck on missions or no more missions

Hello, I am doing the missions learning process and I do not have more missions or other ones are locked. How could I do to keep learning? Do I have to go to a specific section? Let me know, please. Thank you very much, Jaime.

Hi @JR_GB !

To clarify the situation. On the Missions Roadmap you have locked missions but all missions which lead to locked missions are completed. Am I correct?

Regards, Andriy

Yes Sr. I have completed all the previous missions. Thanks for your prompt response.

Sorry for inconvenience.
It seems to be a bug on our side since when one mission completed, next missions should be automatically unlocked.
Could you please provide your ID of app in which you complete missions? We will check for possible problems and will unclok missions tomorrow in the morning.

Regards, Andriy

Hello Andriy, Let me explain something that I do not know if it could be related to or not.
I started the Missions with this Application ID: 85697B5B-6B16-0BA8-FF7A-BA3661820300 called plumbing. As soon I started missions there was a point where the mission asked me if I wanted to keep going with this current project or start a new one because this could not be reversed from that point. Then I realized that it could be better to go with a new project and I created missions which the application ID is : 5F695003-AE02-2C38-FFD8-817113AEED00
I completed part of the tasks on plumbing and most of the tasks on the Missions project.
I assumed that missions it would keep tracking the “user” ( me) progress instead of the application where it was running. Thanks for your help. Jaime

Hello @JR_GB,

from what I see, you have finished all missions. Haven’t you? The very last mission at the moment is Cloud Coder. Did you complete it? If yes, then this is all we have for now - more missions will appear in the future. And if you didn’t complete it, which missions/tasks are you still seeing as opened/unfinished?
Your assumption is correct that the system tracks the user’s progress, not the application.