Styling Map Markers with Data

Is it possible to add some sort of data attribute to the marker data to set styles? I am already making an array of objects with lat/lng values. Can I add color or style to the marker data and use that elsewhere?
For example, I have a list of addresses. If it is a house, I want the marker to be blue, and if it is an apartment, I want it to be green.

Hi @Tyler_DeLanghe ,

Unfortunately it is impossible to do that with default UI Builder component. I have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-29677 to add support for this feature but it will not be implemented in the near future.
As a possible workaround you can create your custom UI Builder component with this feature. More information about custom UI components you can find here Custom UI Components in Backendless UI Builder

Regards, Andriy

Ah ok. Would love to have super simple attribute fields to manage the markers: color, icon, onClick, size, etc.
For the custom component, will I need to make the entire Google Map custom or just add code for the markers?

@Tyler_DeLanghe ,

You need to create a custom component for entire Google Maps block.

Regards, Andriy