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Subscription and Billing problem

I had 3800 spring board points. I converted it to $. It as showing me as $12.67. But once refreshed the amount disappeard from Balance.
I though of utilizing tht 12.67 to buy spring board shortcut but diappeared.

Also my other application kloudMark automatically enrolled in cloud99 trail for 149/month. I don’t want to have that plan in that project at this point.

All I wanted to do is purchase Springboard shortcut for one of my project and nothing else.

Please help. Looking forward for your quick response.



What is your application ID? (not app name, specifically application ID…)


Hi Mark,

Please find my application id Yillam - 8F4D17A0-2455-7765-FFCA-5B343C6D6000


Hi, @Sumathy_Vala

We apologize for the disappearance of convertible BBs from your balance. The converted amount is now displayed in your balance. According to the Springboard plan. You can unlock it through missions if you haven’t done so before or buy it from our marketplace.