Subscription status cancelled despite sufficient funds

Your subscription status is ‘canceled’. Reason/Message: Canceled after failed automatic dunning process expired.

Please reactivate our subscription/account.

We found a similar issue from 2021 here


Our application ID ends with 10BA7985E500

Hi. I’ve reactivated your subscription.
But you should to check whether everything alright with you card. Because payments have not gone through for at least the last 5 days.

P.s. the appId isn’t secret. So for convenience, please point the full id.


Thank you so much for not interrupting our service. I am currently traveling and have had issues with my credit card provider. I will be back in the office by end of week and will reinstate and fix the issue.

I really appreciate your patience and I can’t speak highly enough about your company.

All the best,


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I have updated the billing information so payment should not be a problem. Please do let me know if there are any other issues with the account.

Thank you,