Successless in Serverless 101

Mission: SERVERLESS 101
Task: Invoke the API Service using generated client SDK

Thanks for your help to this date.

I seem to be unable to complete step 2 in the Serverless 101 Mission.

I am able to “getInstructions”
I am unable to “additem”

I’ve can attach screenshots of my Client-side app (using AppGyver).

Any help / hints would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Rick,

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to complete that task using UI Builder:
How to call API services from UI Builder using Codeless - YouTube


Thanks Mark. Embarrassed to say after watching the video a few times I am much more confused now (maybe because I’m having trouble seeing parallels between the Backendless Codeless UI and AppGyver).

For the “Get Instructions” invocation, I understand I basically want to have the get instructions response show up on my client side screen once I tap a button. What logic block should happen after tapping the button? I’ve attached a screenshot of my “top 3 guesses”.

Hi Rick,

I will be more than happy to assist you with Backendless solution that is shown in the video, however, with anything else I would be of little help as I am not knowledgeable with that domain.


Sounds good, thank you. It sounds like I need to hop over to the AppGyver side of things to better understand that platform, thanks