Sudden errors: Table does not exist

All of the sudden the app is starting throwing errors when trying to read from the tables. It is happening at my side and my client side . There error is

BackendlessException{ code: '1146', message: 'Table '59044911-9040-941D-FF30-B43745532900.acl' doesn't exist', extendedData: '{}', detail: 'Table '59044911-9040-941D-FF30-B43745532900.acl' doesn't exist' }

One of the calls causing this
Backendless.Data.of( “” ).find( queryBuilder );

As I said, this has been working code for a while and they are new errors
Can you please look into this?

APP ID:40A7AC6F-A4BF-02C0-FFBD-1EEC13921300

Could you clarify, what table cause the problem?
I mean what is the name of the table in the Backendless.Data.of( )

Could you try once again.

Thank you. It is working now. I wonder what happened there.
Thanks for quick assitance