Sudden issues with user table on update

I am using Backendless 5.7.1 on Android. All of sudden I started getting errors from users.
I tried it and indeed it is failing on this call Backendless.UserService.update(user);
Infact, I am getting this exception

Caused by: BackendlessException{ code: ‘Server.Processing’, message: ‘unable to adapt parameter to a method argument type. unable to create an instance of com.backendless.persistence.JsonDTO. Default no-argument constructor is required’, extendedData: ‘{}’

I checked the server and I found new column in the user table (oAthIdentities) so it seems something you guys changed recently is resulting in this issue.

Could you please action asap as it is blocking issue to start the app (it updates user on start)

Thank you

Hello, Any update on this please?

Hello @snakeeyes

Please upgrade your Android SDK to the latest version (6.2.1) and try again.

Thanks Vladimir. This solution works:) . But shouldn’t changes be backward compatible? I mean luckily the app is in development but if it was deployed all users would just run into a crash.

Hi, @snakeeyes

This issue was from the exceptional one, which is why you experienced a case like this. It shouldn’t happen again in the future. Happy coding with Backendless!