Suggesting possibility to choose date format in console


I haven’t found a place where I could choose the date format in Backendless Console.

It keeps confusing me, because it is using the MM/DD/YYYY format which is not widely used in Europe.

In such a case, I which it were day first and month second, as it would avoid mistakes in understanding this as 2nd of August.

So I would suggest this could be set up somewhere. Thanks.

Hi, @Nicolas_REMY

You can use the generated columns to convert the date to a different format. As example :

Concat_ws('/', DAY(Required_Column_Name), MONTH(Required_Column_Name),YEAR(Required_Column_Name))

Result I got in console 12/10/2000


Hi Marina,

Thanks for the suggested workaround. That could be a way to format the data indeed. But I hope there would be plans for something more robust and systematic.

Plus there is a side-effect to this method : that second column is also sent through every API request which does not specify the requested properties - that is quite redundant and not efficient.

For now there is only this option. We will discuss with the team the opportunity of implementing your suggestion.


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