Suggestions from “Codeless Fundamentals Training Course”

(Useful) future Codeless language and IDE enhancements:

  • a ‘favorites’ pallet for frequently used blocks.
  • block to delete one or more characters in a text string.
  • block that ‘splits’ text string, returning ‘before’ text, ‘split on’ text, and ‘after’ text.

Thanks for your attention to our product!
We’ll add these suggestions to our discussion.
In case we accept them, we’ll post here the number of inner ticket.

A suggestion for a ‘suggestion page’:

  • add a website page where users can enter suggestions
  • install a ‘like’ button and counter for each suggestion
  • (at enhancement time) do a ‘ROI comparison’ of the like count vs the work to implement.
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Hi @Jim_Austin ,

Thank you for this suggestion.
We will discuss possibility of adding such page. Internal ticket for this discussion BKNDLSS-27562.

Regards, Andriy