Suggestions on how to improve Missions

Not that I feel a lack of something - no, it’s a mere reply to the completion video here:

As there’s always room for improvement.

I think it would be much much more inspiring if there’s a set of small apps which demonstrate the data flow and reflect it in Codeless - some very very basic apps, but with the integration with the world.

Like creating a variable, storing it, accessing and transferring it into Wordpress. (Or - in future in (as they only announced API) - to attach something. It would be a miracle.) Then requesting it and changing and transferring back. Something real.

But again, I feel already blessed like a baby on its Birthday, when gifts pouring from all sides, so it’s just like an answer for the question heard in the video. I would leave a comment there, but it’s closed there.

Hi. We’re glad to hear, that the result of our work made you remember the mood from the Birthday!
We’ll take into account your wishes.
For now I can say, we are working on increasing amount of available templates and blueprints for ui-builder (with the simple backend logic)