Swift 2.1 cannot set dataQuery.cachePolicy (see below + attached) - i get an error

I get a compiler error when I try to assign a cache polity to the dataQuery in iOS (Swift 2.1).

See attachment

 let dataQuery = BackendlessDataQuery()

    dataQuery.whereClause = whereClause

    dataQuery.cachePolicy(BackendlessCachePolicyIgnoreCache) --> Error here

    dataQuery.cachePolicy = BackendlessCachePolicyIgnoreCache --> Also error when I try this

Caching policies (offline storage) is not officially supported in our SDK yet.

Hello Mark,

I don’t want offline storage. I want not to use the cache when making a specific query. Why is it in the SDK if you cannot assign a value to it?

In this thread, you mention that it is possible:

Thanks for your help!

There are many things in the SDK which we do not document, many are experimental and some are used by customers who we work with directly and they try things out.

The post you reference is from a year ago and many things have changed since then. We do not document the caching policy anywhere and at the moment cannot provide support for that feature. You’re welcome to try it out and see if you can get it to work - the source code for the SDK is right there to help out if you need it.

Alright :slight_smile:

I will look into it.

Thanks for the fast response :slight_smile: