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Switch Region of an App from the US to the EU

I have an app with a Springboard plan, but it was created before the introduction of the new EU cluster and it is in the US.
I would like to use it for my current project which is on a new App in the EU. I would like to move the new app to my springboard app.
I would like to know if it is possible to move the app from US to the EU cluster? or transfer the subscription to my EU app?

Backendless Version ( 6.x, Online )

Application ID

5EA5A0B8-7733-3C7A-FF8D-DE905DE77F00 US app
912BDE64-174A-F3CD-FF90-00FDEA160F00 EU app

Thank you.

Hello @saeed-ektesabi ,

We would be happy to assist move your app to another cluster. There is a $150 fee to cover engineer’s time. The process takes about 3-4 hours.
What about a transfer subscription - we don’t provide this option, but if your transfer full app, the subscription moves too. In your case, I am not sure about is its best solution, because buy a new springboard - is 50$.