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Switch to the Cloud9 or Cloud99 issue

In the data API (JS SDK) we have got an error:

message: ‘The API request has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing. Switch to the Cloud9 or Cloud99 plan to enable the Super Scaling option.’

it was “await” call of a function. Function was just wrapper for .find(). Kind of:

function x() {
var queryBuilder = …
return Backendless.Data.of( “TABLE” ).find( queryBuilder )


  1. Is there any possibility to call it with “await” functionality and do not get an error related with any kind of scaling? because the script is running on the external computing facilities and connects via SDK only. With no custom code deployed on backendless side.

  2. Sync functions (like findSync() ) return “there is no such function” errors. Do I use them in wrong way or are they deprecated or something?

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Best regrards,

Hi Andrey,

As far as the SuperScaling option is concerned, it doesn’t matter if the call is blocking or non-blocking (i.e. whether you use async or not). SuperScaling is used by our system when an application receives multiple parallel requests or when there are multiple client-side locations are enabled.

The sync functions have been deprecated for quite some time and I believe we have finally removed them from the latest version of the JS SDK.


Thank you for the answer. What is the limit of parallel requests then? Just to understand how we can organize our application better then.

And does it mean that the number of parallel client-side devices (for example mobile phones with our mobile app) are limited to this number also?

Since the Springboard plan is meant to be used only for development, it doesn’t support any kind of parallel execution.