Switching to Scale Plan is a "Downgrade"

I just tried to switch a Cloud 9 plan to the Scale plan because I need an SSL certificate. I made the switch, but the Snackbar message that appears says that I’ll be downgraded at the end of my next billing cycle. I didn’t realize that moving to the Scale plan would be a downgrade. Is that the intention?

How can I get moved over immediately so that I can get an SSL certificate for the published app?

Hello @Howard_Jacobson,

actually, this is not a downgrade, I think this is a wrong message (we will change it in a future release).
If you need to switch to the Scale plan immediately, we can do it for you if you wish (let us know about it).
Also, I would like to mention that an SSL certificate is also available on the Cloud 99 plan.

Let us know if you wish to switch to the Scale plan immediately, and we will do it for you. Do not forget to provide your Application ID.


Yes, please. Switch App ID 699949F6-8AB0-E540-FF98-91295984E300 to Scale plan now. Thanks much.

Hi @Howard_Jacobson,

Your app was moved to the Scale plan. Prorated amount on difference between plans prices was placed as a credit on your application balance.

Regards, Andriy

Thank you.