Sync Changes Questions

Hello, we have been recreating our app from another MBAAS and are ready to transfer data over from the other provider. Before transferring the data, we need to copy our Dev environment over to the Live environment (both on Cloud 9) so that the database, schema, and cloud code mimic one another. We want the environments to be identical, aside from the actual data in the tables being there.

We are unsure what the best process to do this is and have some questions below that will help us figure out how to do so. I also included both application id’s.


  1. Do we use the ‘copy’ application feature or the ‘sync changes’ feature to accomplish the above?

  2. When syncing changes from Dev to Live, does the Dev version remain the same?

  3. Do we need to redeploy our Cloud Code API Layer with updated API keys or is that switched over as well with either option?

Application ID’s
Dev - DD9FC30D-3A6F-AB4C-FF9C-24DC92E73100
Live - 9A13BF3D-3E41-C30E-FF1B-94129ABED000

Thanks in advance for the clarification! Have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Backendless team through this process.

  • Will
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I am looking for this answer as well. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Noah_Caldwell @Will_York

  1. Now you can use the Sync Changes feature and synchronize some settings, database schema, permissions and Codeless logic (If your Cloud Code is in JS or Java, you will need to transfer the logic manually).
  2. Your Dev app will remain the same.
  3. If you have manually written any keys inside the business logic, the value will need to be changed. In other cases you will not need to change anything, your logic will remain identical to the one in the dev application.


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Great the sync seemed to work well! Will come back to this thread if we see any issues.

Thank you!