System emails are using a domain no longer associated with my account


Emails from Backendless that include download links to exported files are using a domain name I don’t have associated with the app ( This was removed quite a long time ago.

This domain is also used for system emails such as password recovery links, making the feature unusable as the page isn’t reachable

Using app ID BFAAA9DA-***

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Hi Hezzron,

This is what I see in your app’s configuration (the Custom Domains section). Looks like the domain is still registered with the app:


Hi Mark,

Yeah, that one is fine, although there is no SSL it works fine for me while developing.

However the domain I’m referring to is “” and it seems the Backendless system generated this subdomain -

Although the link in the email I get is the same domain as what you see in the app’s configuration, it redirects to this when clicked


Could you please forward that email to me?

Sent :ok_hand:

I think that domain substitution is done by SendGrid. Can you change the mail server back to Backendless and see if the problem remains? Changing back to Backendless can be done with the Reset button:

Yeah that works now, does this mean I can’t use SendGrid now?

It is your call whether you can or cannot use SendGrid. To me, this clearly demonstrates that the problem with the link substitution is on the SendGrid side. Contact their support and ask them to resolve the issue.


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