System is not registering tasak completion

Task: Get file public URL and open it in a browser

I have opened the file, using the corrent link (the one you get using the button, not right-click); have opened it the browser, incognito window, and a different browser - none of the options work (as in the link opens in all instances, but the mission compeltion is not recognised).

have changed my browser settings to allow all cookie tracking - still no success… At the moment it’s very frustrating wasting time on 4 tasks :smiley:

completing first 3 tasks also gave me credits with a big delay, and only after I switches from Chrome to Firefox…

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Update, 30 minutes and a lot of wasted nerve cells later it did update. I just kept refreshin gthe page and opening the link in multiple places. HOWEVER, now the next module “file manager” is locked, with no obvious way to unlock it. (n.b. with all previous module tasks showing “compelted” status). I assume it will take another 30 mins and multiple refreshed of the page to unlock it…

same problem!

Hello @Michael_Gutkins

We are looking into this issue and will notify you when getting it is fixed or additional information allows us to estimate that fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, Dima.

The issue is fixed. Could you check, please?