System reject switching the plan

Hi, I was on cloud 9 plan for two months and my subscription expired three or four weeks ago.
now I’m trying to switch my plan to the free plan but the system says “This transaction has been declined.”
so please I want to switch to the free one.
Thank you

Application id:

Hello @Anas_Eshtaiwi

you can’t do it because your subscription is canceled.
Your subscription is canceled because the system was not able to charge for the plan.
I have switched you to free plan and reactivated your subscription.
But your application will be blocked because:

Your application has reached 100% of the Data Tables limit on the current plan. It is important to change to a paid plan as the backend will not be able to allocate additional resources.

Reached 100% of what!?

Sorry i didn’t see the rest cuz I’m opening this from phone
But even if i reach 100% i haven’t exceed the limits
I have modified a lot to reduce tables and views to 10
I’m just a student and that is my graduation project, it’s not really used

Looks like I made a mistake when saying that the application will be blocked. You just will not be able to create more tables.