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Table recreation - Null pointer exception

(Karol Domagala) #1

hey I dropped all the tables in my app and I’m trying to run the android app to recreate all the tables… I’m getting nullpointer exception from the server! app id 3CEC2E00-5426-C827-FF96-1C345A654100
I think you don’t handle the tables removal properly thus it can’t recreate them.
If I have two tables and relation between them 1:n then I delete the child table (n) I can’t recreate that relation to child table anymore - it says the relation already exists but it’s not visible in table schema in console.

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #2

I have fixed your application and created internal BKNDLSS-17119 ticket to fix the issue in general

(Karol Domagala) #3

thank you!