Take a picture from Android device

Is it possible from UI Builder to take a picture from an Android device ?

I tried with the file upload component, but this component is not visible in the mobile browser. It is visible though if I switch to desktop view.

Hi @didier-stadelmann

I just checked the operation of the “File Upload” button. And it was visible on the Android device. Which browser did you use to check? Can you provide us with your APP ID?


Hi @didier-stadelmann

Yes, you can add the “File Uploader Button” then click on “Mobile Preview” button in top left, scan the QR code with your phone and open the url.
After you press “Upload File” button on your phone, the “Choose File” window is opened.

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This was my mistake ! Due to mobile screen resizing, I couldn’t see the upload button anymore ! Upload button is perfectly fine now !

You are welcome!

Happy coding with Backendless :slight_smile: