Targeted Data Recovery for our app on March 26, 2024

Hey Backendless Team,

Per your blog post today see the following for our App ID, as today happened to be the day that we performed the bulk of critical updates to our cloud code and database for our staging account (ID: 0C7079AC-2AA6-4757-FF6B-0389C13B6900) - please advise as to next steps to perform the targeted data recovery operation. Thanks!

Hi Joe,

No problem. Could you please provide a list of tables to be updated?


Hey Mark,

Because it’s our staging database, the data isn’t as important for us. Since we were developing at the time, the most important loss was new Cloud Code functions. All changes made to existing Cloud Code functions and at least one new function have been lost.

We also made structural changes to some tables, specifically the following ones which had fields changed or added:

  • Transactions
  • SubAccounts
  • Users
  • Company

@mark-piller @Joe_Molina

Is this why my Missions progress was set back by a few tutorials, and my Backendless Bucks level also decreased?

I am repeating those tutorials and making up my progress now. I don’t mind doing a little review study. But as you know, the bucks bonuses work out differently each time, so this is not an ideal scenario.

This also might have erased comments in the Missions sidebar discussions… I can’t personally verify this since I don’t think I left any that recently.

Edit: OK, I just saw the blog post about the outage. Now I understand this is not standard maintenance, but something system-wide that went massively wrong. Carry on… (no response necessary). Good luck to everyone involved with, or in need of, restoration.

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@mark-piller any update on when this app is stable and updated from your end again. We are in the middle of development and just want to be able to say that it is not a backendless issue currently. i realize you got a huge amount on your plate so a quick, we are still working on app (ID: 0C7079AC-2AA6-4757-FF6B-0389C13B6900) or Backendless support has finished their recoevery on this app would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks @mark-piller

hello @Invited4

Would it be acceptable to restore the entire database to its state as of March 26, 2024? Please be aware that this action would result in the loss of all changes made after that date. It’s crucial to consider the impact this might have on your data and operations. If this solution aligns with your requirements, or if you have any concerns, please let us know how you wish to proceed.

@sergey.kuk Yes, please restore the entire database (table changes and cloud code) to the latest state possible on March 26th. The last of our work was confirmed finished by 3 PM Mountain Standard Time. When can you start this and how long will it take? I have a developer on standby.

We are aware of the data and operations impact to all changes made after that restore - we intentionally have not performed any work while waiting for your team’s response

hello @Joe_Molina

we need about 2 hours more, we will let you know as soon as it will be ready, thank you for your patience

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@Joe_Molina we have restored the DB, please check if everything is fine on your side

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We have confirmed all tables and cloud code have been restored - thank you @sergey.kuk @mark-piller and the rest of the team - hoping for speedy ongoing recovery as you assist all of us :pray:

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