Targeted mass Push Notifications - Query limit when fetching users

I know there’s a page size limit for object queries (100 rows). Let’s say I want to send Push Notifications to all of user’s followers and the user has 10.000 followers. Does it mean I have to make 100 API calls from within the backendless custom business logic to fetch all the followers?
Is there a way to fetch 10.000 rows in a single call?
Actually I’ll have to make then yet another 100 calls to fetch the devices of the users once I get the user ids, so 200 requests minimum. If there is no other way to get the device ids, in order not to overtask the server, is there a way to delay the calls? I guess I’d create some simple timer and a queue or some equivalent of sleep(seconds) function.
My server code is in Java.
Thank you!

Hi Miroslav,
try to create one channel for your user and subscribe the followers to this channel. Then make publish to this channel and all subscribers of this channel (followers of your user) will receive a message.You can subscribe the follower to user’s channel in your follow function logic for example.


Wow, perfect solution! Thank you Stanislav!