Task: Set Object Relationships with API

Task: Set Object Relationships with API

Create person is working but dropdown list is not populating and i think there is something wrong with logicblock of cityInput. Please help me out here.

screenshots are attached - let me know if you need further information.


figured out some errors in ‘cityInput’ logic blocks and resolved it.

to test, used print block for variable cities and its working.

However, still unable to get the cities in 'citieslist ’ dropdown list.

mission completed somehow but error still persists and it has something to do with ‘value’. Data table ‘Person’ showing new record where only age is appearing and value for both name and CityOfresidence were not updated in respective column.

Hello @Waqas_Ahmed

The problem with the “citynameinput” handler. When you do set citiesCollection property, you just use the text “cities” as the value and you need to use the Map “cities” that you created before. Here is a screenshot of how it should look like Monosnap


thanks, it was stupid very stupid of me.