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Technical issues. Display unmarked but is displayed

I have problems with display a component
Application: DB86D4B0-3841-6C3A-FF0E-74269BA8EC00
Page: perfilTributarioTu


Despite I mark it again and again… each time it as not displayed.


Hello @David_Najar_Martinez

We know about this problem and now it in testing for the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

How to fix it at this moment - click on the checkbox three times. Make checkbox checked - unchecked - and checked again without switching tabs or reloading page, and after this open preview.

Regards, Dima

Dima, thanks for your reply and your help.

Please have a look on this because it could be also related:

you will see different select components and a pìcker calendar. Each of these components are inside a block. In the logic of the select component, there are blocks for change the box-shadow. Some components work and others do not work.


Hello @David_Najar_Martinez

Your inputs placed in cell → block(with shadow) → inputs
By default on your page width and height of the cell is the same as block’s width and height. But block’s shadow placed outside of the block’s width/height. And with cell style="overflow: auto" you cannot observe anything outside the cell. To see the block’s shadow, the block should be smaller than container cell or set overflow="visible" to the cell.

The reason you seeing the shadow from time to time is that sometimes cell height becomes bigger than block height.

I recommend you to set padding or overfow="visible" to the cell.


Thanks Viktor.

Still, a lot to learn …