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Thank You Backendless Support

You know What has been the Best Part About Working With Backendless ? The vigour for Support of the Backendless Moderators. Whenever I have had problems ranging from SDK implementation Errors to Design pattern levels problems or Internal Working mechanism : I have always had active engagement from the Staff about the problem. The best part is that they approach each issue on a Problem Solving Issue and I am very much satisfied with every discussion I do .

Kudos to you Guys. You guys are really great and inspirational :slight_smile:
As I have been Working even more and more with the Android SDK and Custom Business Logics , I have found the Need of 3-4 must-implement Feature . I hope they could track down it’s importance and Work on it :slight_smile:
I hope to work even more actively on Backendless Projects and Ask Even more Questions on the Forum ( Will Answer Too After I get perfect on it :smiley: )