Thank you for caring about indie developers!!!

Hi, I’ve done development with and, from day 1, and AWS more recently. Those services were great for indie developers when they started, but now they are tilted towards those who can afford to pay big bikkies for scale.

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered your service (I think I remember reading about a while back), shame on me. I’m working on a game that would require significant scale, if it goes as planned (like we all think :-), but doesn’t take a huge revenue (obviously enough to pay for the service). More of a labor of love! At least with your service, and your very reasonable rates, and no limits on the things that kill a project, I can actually achieve my goal.

I hope my project works out with your service, but from where I sit, your service and your system appears very high quality and well designed to do the job.

Thanks so much for caring!


Thank you too
from our development team!