The application has been blocked due to exceeding a limit even with springboard plan

When I’m trying to login this error message is showing with error code 11033. Even though I’m on springboard plan and only 3k API calls yet. I didn’t get it what is causing it. Please look into it little quickly because my App is under google review for publishing.

Hello @Subhav_Mathur

Your app has been blocked by “SuperScaling” issue

API request rejected. Multiple location access requires SuperScaling.

take a look at this comment What is the meaning of Super Scaling

the Springboard plan only for development, if you are about the release stage you need to upgrade your plan to a paid one.

Regards, Vlad

If I changed my decision ? Can you revert my access. Cause it’s only a demo app for showing to clients, Now I decided to not release it. Instead of showing the app directly to the clients who approaches me and then made for them with a paid plan.

Also if once in a while A certain client from different location login into the app to for demo purposes, will it also results in stopping of services ?

I think so, because the system might consider the app is in production.

Can you please re-activate my app. It’s of no use to me right now to purchase as I’ll not go to production mode and also have to make certain development changes.

It should be automatically unlocked in a few hours after locking, but I did it for you a minute ago.
Could you please confirm that?

Regards, Vlad

Yes It’s working now. Thank you so much.